Contract manufacturing of cosmetic products

Natural cosmetics and dermocosmetics based on biologically active principles are designed in the Cosmetics Division which satisfies and guarantees the manufacturing needs of all Customers, by remaining flexible for the manufacturing of both small and pilot batches.

Natural cosmetics and dermocosmetics

The universe of natural cosmetics and dermocosmetics offers us a fascinating journey into the world of beauty, enriched with biologically active ingredients. Our products, made from plant extracts, are part of the cosmetic division and represent an innovative response to the exigences of customers increasingly oriented towards the sustainability and well-being of their skin.

Functional Ingredients from Plants

The functional ingredients extracted from plants are in the heart of this extraordinary range of natural cosmetics. Each element is carefully selected for its beneficial properties, which go beyond mere aesthetics. Derived from nature, these active ingredients act as allies for our skin, offering a unique synergy between science and biodiversity.

Cosmetics for your every need

Emulsions and gel

Packaging available:

  • Jar
  • Airless bottle
  • Tube
produzione cosmetici naturali
Oils and ointments

Packaging available:

  • Bottle
  • Dropper bottle
cosmetic products
Cleansers and washes

Packaging available:

  • Bottle
  • Foamer bottle
  • Tube
produzione crema viso

Packaging available:

  • Bottle
  • Spray bottle

Manufacturing flexibility

Manufacturing flexibility is the element that most characterizes our Cosmetic Division. This aspect emerges in the ability, on the one hand, to adapt to the different manufacturing needs, both on a small and large scale; on the other hand, to meet our customers’ personalised requests, always ensuring maximum quality and precision in product development.

natural cosmetic products

Do you want to entrust us the development of your cosmetics?

If you need someone who develop your cosmetic line, we are the ideal partner.
We support you in all phases of the product realisation process: from R&D to laboratory tests, from raw materials supply to packaging selection, from manufacturing to graphic design, from quality controls to clinical tests, from drafting of texts to notification to the Ministry of Health and PIF preparation.