Contract manufacturing of food supplements

Food supplements are products intended to integrate the common diet or to be a concentrated source of nutritional and physiological substance. They are developed in the Food Supplements Division, an infrastructure organised for in-line production that guarantees performance, quality and safety to the product in the most common pharmaceutical forms.
Research laboratories are provided with equipment and technologies for the execution of gluten and lactose test according to the methods recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Food Supplements Division

Into the Food Supplements Division, we create products intended to supplement your daily diet or to provide a concentrated source of nutrient and physiological substances. Our infrastructure organized for in-line manufacturing is committed to ensuring the performance, quality and safety of the product, by offering innovative solutions in the most common pharmaceutical forms.

Research Laboratories

Come to our cutting-edge Research Laboratories, equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Here, we are committed to perform accurate tests according to methods recognized by the Ministry of Health, focusing on gluten and lactose control. The precision of our laboratory processes is a fundamental element to ensure the quality and compliance of our food supplements.

Supplements for your any needs


Flat round, rounded, lozenge, oval


Capsules are used for powdered ingredients, such as plant extracts, minerals or water-soluble vitamins

sofgel dispositivi medici

Vegetable gelatin capsules, gelatin capsules from animal origin, gastro-resistant gelatin capsule


A blister is considered a primary packaging that allows to separate and protect the individual dosing units to ensure their stability

Sachets and granulates

Single and paired sachets, jars

produzione integratori alimentari
Pill bottles/vials

Material: glass and PE. Aluminium or PE seal


Standard caps with seal and protective gasket, standard caps with seal and gasket suitable for reverse droppers, caps provided with dropper

produzione sciroppi
Syrups, solutions and macerates

Syrups and solutions, hydroalcoholic macerates, bud extracts, essential oils, trace elements


Spray dispensers provided with a pump and a guarantee seal in different variations of nebulization and with or without directional oral cannula

Smart Delivery Caps®

This special cap allows to keep liquids and powders separate until consumption. Suitable for: probiotics and prebiotics

Conscious choice

Choose Inalme for the manufacturing of your food supplements. Opt for a solution that combines manufacturing skills with scientific accuracy of tests. Your health is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to offering you products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Make a conscious choice for your customers’ well-being, relying on our experience to create top-class dietary supplements.

integratori alimentari

Do you want to entrust us the development of your food supplement?

If you need someone who develop your food supplement for you, we are the ideal partner.
We support you in all phases of the product realisation process: from R&D to laboratory tests, from raw materials supply to packaging selection, from manufacturing to graphic design, from quality controls to clinical tests, from drafting of texts to notification to the Ministry of Health and PIF preparation.